Similar but new type

Bill Henwood (left) and Martin Henton, new NZ subagents for the Bristell series, in front of Martin’s newly acquired NG5 ZK-NGZ.

Relatively new to the aviation scene in New Zealand, Brett Anderson has been involved in LSA in Australia since 2009 as the Australasian, Pacific and Asian distributor for the BRM Aero Bristell series. He is also the agent for Beringer wheels and brakes and DUC propellers.

Like many aviators I know, Brett was interested in flying from an early age, actually starting to learn to fly at age 15 in a Cessna 150 at Melton, west of Melbourne. He has flown powered parachutes and other LSA and GA aeroplanes, including Cessna 152 Aerobat, C172, Fuji Subaru, Piper Warrior and Aztec, Fly Synthesis Texan, Tecnam and Bristell NG4 and NG5.

Although flying is his passion, Brett’s lifetime career has been in the movie industry, involved in the production side of TV and coordinating stunt work. He is also a skilled photographer. 

His main areas have been in drama, features, commercials and film clips, including The Flying Doctor series, and during his 40 years in the business he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He worked in New Guinea with Pierce Brosnan just when it was confirmed that he was going to be the next James Bond. After “Locomotion” he shot the next seven clips for Kylie Minogue from “I should be so lucky” onwards. 

One story Brett relates involved being a passenger in a Pitts Special during filming of The Flying Doctor series. The pilot, an aerobatic champion, was having so much fun he forgot that Brett was there in the back seat. Several positive and negative G manoeuvres later, Brett came down with a bleeding nose. Maybe a bit more acclimatisation to aerobatics needed.

In mid-2009 he had time to take up flying again, and following research of the available aircraft settled on the Bristell NG5. In fact he was so impressed with the type that he became the regional distributor and formed Anderson Aviation, based at Riddells Creek airfield, west of Melbourne. 

To date, of the 320 built in the Czech Republic he has sold more than 60 NG5s in Australia and three in New Zealand, with delivery commitments for Australasia from the factory of about two per month. As this is being written another one is on the water for New Zealand, to be displayed this month at National Fieldays, Hamilton, and then become the company demonstrator. 

A recent resurgence of interest in Bristells in this country prompted the formation of Anderson Aviation New Zealand as a sub-agent to look after Kiwi sales and after-sales service....


Partners to the west

Fiji Airways has further boosted its presence in Asia by establishing a codeshare partnership with Singapore Airlines and its full-service regional subsidiary SilkAir. The two airlines will be Fiji’s third and fourth codeshare partner in Singapore after Jetstar Asia and Jet Airways.

Fiji Airways says partnerships are critical in Singapore as Fiji–Singapore is a relatively small local market. It has added a third frequency to Singapore recently and could add more capacity to Singapore if the new codeshare with SIA is successful. Fiji Airways launched two weekly flights to Singapore in 2016 and in April introduced a seasonal third frequency.

Messaging and tracking in one

announced an agreement to deliver global airborne messaging using OzRunways EFB (electronic flight bag) and TracPlus’ portable RockAIR tracker.

Under this agreement, OzRunways users will be able to send and receive text messages globally using the Iridium satellite network and cellular networks.

Seeking ever greater efficiency

Airbus and Rolls-Royce have signed a collaboration agreement for the integration of Rolls-Royce’s UltraFan demonstrator for flight testing. The demonstration will be co-funded by Clean Sky 2, the European Union research programme focused on developing technology to reduce emissions.

UltraFan is a scalable jet engine design suitable for both widebody and single-aisle airliners and is said to offer a 25 percent fuel efficiency improvement over the first generation of Rolls-Royce Trent engine.

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